Investing Your First $20,000

Just started investing?

Have spare cash that you want to put to work and let it grow passively

Here's a compilation of what Top Singapore Finance Bloggers would do if they were to start over with just $20,000 capital.

You'll discover how the different Finance Bloggers would invest their money.

And find a method that suits your investing needs.

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Investing Your First $20K contains a compilation from Top Singapore Finance Bloggers who share how they would invest their first $20,000 using the immense financial knowledge they have.

A Book For Beginner Investors

In the 'Investing Your First $20K', the Top Singapore Finance Bloggers from different financial backgrounds and lifestyle share how they would invest if they had to start over.

You will definitely find an article suitable to your situation and needs.

Own at least 28 years of investing experience at your fingertips

These Top Singapore Finance Bloggers have been blogging and sharing their knowledge for at least 2 years each. 

Having faced gains and losses, what they share in this valuable ebook is the true essence of their investing experience.

Identify potential pitfalls that you may encounter in your investing, and accelerate your investing journey by reading this ebook.